¿Quién soy yo?
¿Quién soy yo?

Who am I?

My name is Jacomien Valk-Zevenbergen (1966), wedding officiant. For me every wedding is a party!

Especially bilingual marriages are the cherries on the cake!

If your foreign wedding guests are able to understand everything, they will laugh and enjoy your wedding ceremony thoroughly. So, when I see all the wedding guests enjoying themselves, I am able to enjoy it myself!

In order to create a personal wedding speech I will ask you all sorts of questions about your life, as where did you meet each other for the first time and when did you propose…?

I would also like to share a piece of my life with you. I, Jacomien am happily married with Ed and we have two children Nick (1998) and Julia (1999). We live near the beach and enjoy this immensely. I often walk our dogs on the beach and I ride horseback along the shore at least once a week. Furthermore I love travelling, gardening, cooking, reading and of course conducting weddings.